Eye Candy. Musical fully choreographed performances.

Mesmerizing, captivating, and soulful. Eye Candy is an intense and high impact spectacle styled to compliment virtually any venue and audience. By far the most popular of Terrence's shows Eye Candy and Eye Candy Plus are a very memorable experience.The standard show is 10 minutes in length and very high impact. Eye Candy Plus is a premium 20 minute option which showcases all the best fire skills Terrence has to offer.

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Eye Candy

Duet Eye Candy. When one just isn't enough.

Terrence Drake and Isabella Hoops have teamed up together to give you an amazing LED pixel duet! This show features LED pixel poi, led hula hoops and acrobatics. This Duet is perfect for weddings, galas and corporate events.

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Pixel Spinning. Visually stunning dynamic performances customized specifically for your event.

Pixel spinning is a brand new type of performance Terrence is pioneering in North America. The biggest appeal to clients is the ability to customize the animations to include corporate or sponsor logos, branding, messaging or anything else to suit the event. Pixel Spinning is offered as a choreographed featured performance or as site animation over a longer period of time for maximum image and message exposure.

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Eye Candy

Duet Eye Candy

Duet Pixel Spinning. Acrobatics on top of custom graphics.

If your venue does not allow for fire then The Drake Show still goes on! Nearly any colour or graphic is possible to perfectly complement the venue, event, or corporate branding.

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Street Style. Featured stage and busking shows.

In a street style performance Terrence engages his audience directly and offers a more improvisational interaction. Street style acts range between 30 and 60 minutes in length.

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Street Style Busking

Eye Candy

Fire performing at its most pure.

Pixel Spinning

Customizable and safe in any venue.

Fire and Pixel Duets

When one is just not enough.

Group Shows

Large scale multi-discipline performances.

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