Safety can be a concern when fire is involved in a show.

No one wants an accident, and a thrill show is not enjoyable to watch if the audience feels that they might be in danger as well as the performer. Terrence Drake has a perfect safety record because he always takes the extra steps to not only ensure that the stage set up and the venue is a safe performing space but also so that the audience has the piece of mind to know that they can enjoy the show without being in harms way. Watch The Drake Show and know that while the extreme dangers of fire performing are real, the only one at risk is Terrence.

Just some of the things Terrence does to ensure a safe performance with audience and venue peace of mind include an inspection of the performance space, adjustment (if necessary) of flame effects based on venue suitability, and the inclusion of a fire extinguisher and other safety equipment. The inspection among other things ensures that the storage of fuels and fueled props can be done a safe distance from the performance itself, that the audience can comfortably be a safe distance from any flame effects and in the case of an indoor venue that the fuels used and performance length are appropriate for the ceiling height and ventilation available in the space.

All of Terrence's performances include a $5 000 000 insurance policy and a certificate showing the venue or event organizer's name can be provided free of charge.

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