Staff spinning combines large flame effects with rhythm and grace to create a hypnotizing and high energy performance.

The fire staff portion of The Drake Show is like a hybrid of fire breathing, contact fire and poi. The fire staff can produce large and sudden flame effects similar to fire breathing, the heat from which can be felt in the audience. The show opens with Terrence lighting the staff with his bare hand. Then Terrence spins and throws the staff into the air, and balances it on his body while in motion. Where the smallest mistake would send burning fire and highly heated metal crashing into his body, Terrence make staff spinning look like an effortless dance.

Poi spinning is a highly rhythmic dance of constant motion.

A fire poi show is a mesmerizing spectacle. The artist wields balls of fire on the ends of chains, swinging them in circular patterns to momentarily create visible trails of flames in the air. This beautiful display is dangerous for all but the most skilled of performers, as even the smallest mistake can launch heated metal and flames against the artist's body. The audience will marvel at how Terrence can capture something so wild and unpredictable and make it dance with him.

Eye Candy

Fire performing at its most pure.

Pixel Spinning

Customizable and safe in any venue.

Fire and Pixel Duets

When one is just not enough.

Group Shows

Large scale multi-discipline performances.

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