Performing with fire since 2007.

Born and Raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Terrence Drake is a time traveller from the 1980s. His travels through space and time occur at ordinary speeds, however, so his journey to today took a while. It may be hard to imagine now but many years ago Terrence Drake was a Software Tester. If you are not familiar with the Information Technology world then imagine this: he sat in a grey room at a grey desk in a grey chair next to a window with a typical grey overcast East Coast sky outside. He would look at a grey screen wearing a grey face clicking a grey button until it did something different (which it rarely did). After a few years of this he realized he would rather set his face on fire.

Born and Raised in Halifax Nova Scotia

Night Club Performances

Getting Started in Music and Night Clubs.

After moving to Toronto Terrence found an immediate home in the music and night club world. The wild and unpredictable nightlife as well as music video sets certainly generated a lot of interesting stories for his memoir. More than that it was a place to hone his art, learn to think fast and adjust to a very quickly changing environment while keeping his audience interested when there is no shortage of shiny things to look at. It was also just a huge heap of fun.

Skill Specialization.

Terrence was not content to risk his existence in just a mundane way like setting his face on fire while blinded by strobe lights in a shoulder-to-shouder room with intoxicated people in every direction. Choosing fire eating as his focus, Terrence learned and perfected every trick known to the art form. It was at this point that he began to pioneer new ones, setting face fires the likes of which have never been seen before. Terrence Drake simultaneously became an ice cream connoisseur.

Skill Specialization

Taking the Main Stage

Taking The Main Stage.

Humans have been setting things on fire (faces likely included) since the days before there was language to say "hey look at this!" A flashy spectacle performance definitely has its place and strong primal appeal but was not enough to keep Terrence interested for long. Inspired by the travelling buskers he watched at the Halifax Busker Festival while growing up, The Drake Show evolved to become much more than just fire. The Street Style show was born through merging shock-and-awe flame effects with his charged physical presence and his personal story.

Going Digital.

After attracting a lot of attention locally and internationally, Terrence Drake's next big step was partnering with The Idea Hunter to create a completely new type of act. Combining performance experience, marketing and branding knowledge, musical timing and a Computer Science education, Pixel Spinning was unleashed onto North America with a splash. Debuted at the world renowned Toronto International Film Festival and quickly thereafter included in Michael Cerbelli's Hot List for 2014 in Nashville, Pixel Spinning is a hugely in demand and memorable experience in the special events space.

Going Digital

The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter.

So what is a guy to do after so much travel, perfecting an art form and pioneering another? Many would hang up their torches but (as if you haven't figured this out by now) Terrence is a little bit insane. There are easier ways of making a living than risking your life for applause but none he finds as satisfying. Constantly working on new fusions of arts and technical discipline, The Drake Show of the future is poised to be truly one of a kind.

If he doesn't kill himself first; ice cream is very high in fat.

Eye Candy

Fire performing at its most pure.

Pixel Spinning

Customizable and safe in any venue.

Fire and Pixel Duets

When one is just not enough.

Group Shows

Large scale multi-discipline performances.

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