Toronto's foremost fire eating and fire breathing performer

Fire Eater Eye Candy Show. A fun and unique wedding entertainment idea.

Mesmerizing, captivating and soulful. Eye Candy is an intense and high impact spectacle styled to compliment virtually any venue and entertain any audience. By far the most popular of Terrence's shows, Eye Candy and Eye Candy Plus are very memorable experiences.

Eye Candy

Street Style Busking

Fire Breather Street Style Show. Unusual party and evening entertainment shows.

In a street style performance Terrence engages his audience directly and offers a more improvisational interaction.

More about Terrence. Who sets their face on fire on purpose?

The story of how Terrence came to be the man and performer that he is today is definitely an interesting and unlikely one. An independent entertainer, available without an agency, his one-man operation can be booked directly.

More About Terrence

Fire Breathing

Fire Breather

Fire breathing is an amazing spectacle where Terrence emits a massive flame from his face. Audience members can feel the heat wave emanating from the large pillars of fire. An artist who performs fire breathing must be dedicated to their craft because of the extreme health costs that are a consequence of creating 15 foot high blasts of fire with one's own face. With great risk comes great pay off and with The Drake Show you definitely get high octane performance.

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Fire Eating

Fire Eater

Fire eating was originally used as part of Hindu spiritual performances. Practitioners would put fire into their mouths and "swallow" it, a practice meant to allow them to speak with the diety Kali Maa. In the 1800s fire eating was adopted into side show and circus performances, where it became popularized. The act of putting out fires with one's face is still considered shocking to audiences today and fire eating is among the most dangerous of all the circus arts.

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Fire Dancing

Fire Performer

Watching a fire poi show is a treat for the eyes. Using two balls of fire on the end of chains, the artist creates patterns of circles which leave mesmerizing visual trails. In addition to poi Terrence also uses props such as fire staff, torch poi and fire double staves, instruments which evoke tribal imagery. All of these art forms, which create different visual effects, combine complex wrist movements with footwork in a beautiful, dazzling fire dance.

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Terrence Drake is a fire performer based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada who has always possessed a passion for entertaining people. His unique brand of style and humor and his intense desire to delight is the kindling of his show. Terrence takes a different approach to fire performance, creating a more personal and intimate fire show, amplified by a unique fusion of props, which will keep even jaded crowds entertained.

Terrence is a fully insured professional fire performer who is considered one of the best in North America. Terrence packs his entertainment arsenal full of skilled arts including fire eating, fleshing (contact fire), staff spinning and breathing columns of fire twelve or more feet in height.

An intense yet down to earth artist, Terrence Drake delivers witty and charming performances, thrilling and entertaining the crowds while imparting reverence and respect for this mysterious art-form. He is committed to providing a captivating but SAFE entertainment experience, suitable for families and mature audiences. Terrence also travels for performances, and has performed all over Ontario, Canada and North America including Toronto, New York City, Nashville, Boston, Calgary Alberta, Banff, St. John's, Moncton/Dieppe, Barrie, Bracebridge, Brampton, Guelph, Halifax, Hamilton, Huntsville, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Markham, Mississauga, Moncton, North Bay, Oakville, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Sudbury, Vaughan, Wasaga Beach and Windsor.

Eye Candy

Fire performing at its most pure.

Pixel Spinning

Customizable and safe in any venue.

Fire and Pixel Duets

When one is just not enough.

Group Shows

Large scale multi-discipline performances.

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